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Jesus Youth Professionals Ministry

Blog Posts

  1. Faith Year 2012-2013: A day with Christ- Experiences from participants

    by Individuals
    Coordinator, A day with Christ, One year Adoration project in Faith Year
  2. Ways to serve

    by Mother Angelica
  3. The Workplace Prayer

    by Kerala PCT
    A simple workplace prayer
  4. Year of Faith 2012-2013: Faith year Launch at POC- a report

    by Coordinator
    Coordinator Professional Ministry
  5. Just Me and my Lord.....A Day with Christ experience

    by Sajan Thomas
    Ernakulam Subregion
  6. Introducing Professional Ministry

    by Professional Central Team
    Professional Central Team
  7. Year of Faith 2012-2013: Profess Fidei - A report

    by Secretary
    Secretary of Professional Central Team
  8. Year of Faith 2012-2013: A day with Christ - Attended participants list

    by Coordinator Professional Ministry
  9. Faith Year 2012-2013: A day with Christ - Tentative Schedule for participants

    by Coordinator Professional Ministry
  10. Jesus Youth Professionals' Informal Gathering - Ernakulam, October 2012

    by Pearl
    Ernakulam Sub region Member
  11. My encounter with Jesus

    by John Wilfred
    Principal, Institute of Enterprise KITCO, Elder Animator, Professional Ministry
  12. by Deepthy Mathew
  13. With God's Wonderful People

    by Sajan Jacob K
    Jesus Youth Professionals Ministry
  14. Professional Life: The Ecclesial Perspective

    by Dr. Edward Edezhath