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Jesus Youth Professionals Ministry

Faith Year 2012-2013: A day with Christ- Experiences from participants


Coordinator, A day with Christ, One year Adoration project in Faith Year



Alexy Jacob


> After I joined Arbitron, my first leave was for Day with Christ.

> It was a blessed day for me. In my 7.6 yrs -carrier, its first time I

> am taking leave to sit before Adoration only.

> Normally I sat adoration on weekends, nights or on my free time. But

> here I am sparing my expensive/paid  time.

> I don’t know how to explain the experiences.............


> With love and prayers,

> Alexy


29 October 2012

Sijo Thomas

Today from morning 9.15 am to 4.00 pm I got a prospect to sit in front of JESUS …@ Emmaus as a part of “A DAY WITH CHRIST”,
Dears… it’s a really arcane feelings…me and Jesus and no-one else..no one there to Disturb…
evening while reading psalms felt like some what really in heaven….
try to get a chance…and feel that blissful joy…
A Chance to pray for others…
A Remembrance of all whom need our prayers…
Recite rosary with …our mother Mary…. And so…

Sijo Thomas


23 October 2012

Jeena John

I should say it was a blessed day with God…my Father and me together and no one else. Even though I thought am not pure enough to sit in front of the blessed sacrament, He took all my thoughts away. It was nice to pray for all the intentions with that amazing power of rosary I was feeling the love of Mamma Mary and my sweet Dad.

When the Petro Paulo team came for intercession, He was showing me the beauty of praising with music something that I forgot when I reached there.
And that again made my day, I could open my mouth and sang with all praises, the language of Angels if am not wrong.
That was simply a Great Day with Christ !!! J

Love & Prayers,
Jeena John


15 October 2012

Kol Lawrence 

Anganey oru bayangara feelings and explosive thoughts…..onnum enikkum undayilla…

But one thought…! Athu enne onnu thottu…. 


In my 29 years of life…I spent a day with Christ…!!!

Had full rosary…1 way of cross…..1 Divine mercy rosary…

Had few Bible reading time…. All in front of Holy Eucharist….!!!

Almost a full coverage of prayers…that we use normally…..


What else could bring any more meaning …any more value…any more privilege to me..???


15 October 2012,

Rijo Antony

Dear All,

My personal experience with Easho:

Praise you Lord for selecting me and giving time to spend infront of holy eucharist. I was having some health issues over the weekend.

Was told to consult doctor on priority. But I asked myself and decided to sit in front of the Lord. Frankly, sitting in front of easho for more than 6 hours on a stretch itself was a really blessing(Never did that before).

I didn’t feel any tiredness or had any health issues.Started with personal prayer, then rosary with many intentions, reflections ,intercession ,way of cross, karuna kontha and finally thanksgiving.

I prayed loud and I got an ammachi there as a good company for my prayers whole dayJ…

Really felt blessed !!!! Praise you lord ,Halleluiah!



12 October 2012,

Sajan Jacob K

First day of the year of Faith

First of All, I thank you Lord for the Year of faith started from yesterday.
Everyday I pass through Emmaus but it is long since I had been longed to sit before the Lord. 
Today I got the time Lord, today I got to be with the Lord.
I thought that the day before the blessed sacrament will be a lengthy one initially.
In Emmaus there was already a set of people, I also joined with them completed Rosary solemnly (all the four-Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous at a stretch) dedicating our Ministry intentions
At 12:30 there was Holy Mass, main celebrant was Fr. Anand, Priest Animator of Ernakulam Zone. 
I met Jijo chettan from Kazargod, who was Leading the Youth retreat at emmaus. During the retreats he never used to take lunch. That made me to think. How much committed I am? (After having lunch only I met him)
For a long time, I was thinking of reading the book of Nehemiah, I could read completely.
Faith rosary.
Akhill Billy, brought the faith Rosary to pray. We could with the faith Rosary and Completed one rosary prayer. Me and Akhil billy holding the Faith Rosary.
Mercy chaplet. 
At about 3pm we started with the Mercy Chaplet, the prayer through St. Foustina.
At the end I was able to sing with the Psalmist 
"As the deer pants for streams of water,
    so my soul pants for you, my God." Ps 42:1
At the end, I felt like I have no time left, a Lot of things to share with my Lord. It is already 4pm. then I thought I will continue for some more time. I was there for the next one and half hour. I am sure we will always like to have more hours like this more and more..
Really this initiative will surely drive our ministry in the right direction. Everyday each person from the Professional Ministry will be praying before the Lord fro the ministry.
This will be a great experience to share. I also thank Lord Jesus for giving us this year of faith to the Catholic Church.
This will help us open the path of new evangelisation.
PCT Coordinator


Send your experiences to :

Tojo, Coordinator, A day with Christ (DWC)

Mob:9961 5215 31

EMail:tojotomy@gmail.com or keralapct@jesusyouth.org

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