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Jesus Youth Professionals Ministry

Year of Faith 2012-2013: Profess Fidei - A report


Secretary of Professional Central Team

Greetings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Youth Professional Ministry organized a Leadership Training Program -"Profess Fidei" from 14th Sept to 16th Sept at CST Generalate, Kakkanad.


Profess Fidei was based on the Pope Benedict XVI 's apostolic letter "Porta Fidei" in the context of starting the celebration of Year of faith from 2012 October 11 to 2013 November 24. Our ministry aimed to groom its members on how to be a witness in our life’s, in our workplaces,  to be a strong evangelist act as building blocks of Church, personally and as a part of the ministry. About 60 participants including PCT members, Sub-Regional Leaders and Next Level Leaders attended the program.

General Coordination and program coordination was done by Jins George and Dr. Simon

Day one

The Day One began with registration and ice breaking. Ice breaking was initiated by Eldhose K Jose, (Assistant Manager, Bajaj Electricals). The keynote was given by Dr. Simon Philipose (Surgeon, MAJ Hospital) indicating the importance and Focus of Profess Fedei.

Day two

Saturday morning started with the communion of which Fr. Abraham Pallivathukkal was the main celebrant. He also led the session on Faith through fore fathers.

Br. James Fernades had the next session on Faith of the church from Christ to present stage based on history of catholic Church. Mr. Augustine Nojan (HR Manager, Micro Objects), led the workshops on Faith and how faith can be transferred to next generation.

Mr. Antony Sachin, (Sales Manager, Dintis Technologies) taught on how to use and study YOUCAT. Adoration was led by Dr. Appu Cyriac. The first level discussion on the ministry and next step was held on the same day evening by Mr. John Wilfred(Elder Animator, Professional Ministry and Principal, School of enterprise, KITCO), Sajan Jacob (Coordinator PCT) and Victor Jose(Asst. Coordinator and Asst, Professor, Amal Jyothi Engineering college). The key points for discussion were to give focus to the ministry, make new visions and goals.

The main session and the key speaker for Profess Fedei was by Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS, about one to one evangelization. He emphasized on loving and respecting our partner on the way for evangelization. Few key points are about understanding the listener’s heart and leading them step by step respecting their freedom of conscience. He led the sessions on Luke 1:19, Luke 12:49, Luke 19:10 and 2 Cor5:14.

Day 3

Sunday( 3rd Day) and last day of the program began with the Praise and Worship. The main theme of the day was evangelization. Mr. John Wilfred led a session on call for leadership with the example of Nehemiah from Bible.

A panel discussion was conducted on how to be a JY leader in evangelization. Smitha Chechi (Production Manager, ARK Electronic Motion Controls), Dr. Kochurani (Professor, Bharath Matha College), Dr. Binu partipated in the panel moderated by Eldhose. The panel threw light on Growth of spirituality from personal level to the Ministry level. 

Fr. Joel Pullolil CMI, (Priest Animator PCT and Professor, Rajagiri School of Engineering Technology) was the main celebrant of the Eucharist Celebration.

Afternoon was the second level planning on the ministry, Vision Expansions, Planning, Methods to reach out etc. Ministry also planned on how to evangelise by using different methods like online evangelistion, developing android applications, use of social media like facebook , making a feature films, strengthening family gatherings etc.

KYCT Cordinator Joby, Berly Earnest (MD, ARk power Controls), Babu John (Police Force), Fr. Shibu OCD from KYCT also spent time with us extending their support to our ministry and our activities. During breaks we also had coordinators gathering, teachers meeting, doctors meeting, ladies and gents separate gatherings and different regional meetings. The program was concluded on 16th Sept 2012 Sunday at around 4.00pm. It has turned out to be a opening light for many professionals to do what next in regional and sub regional levels, in their own workplaces and situations.

Report Prepared by Divya Jeesmol Jose (Secretary, PCT and Manager for HR, Union bank)

Email: keralapct@jesusyouth.org

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